Carmine began making his hand painted replicas of the Hollywood Walk of Fame Stars over 30 years ago. It started as a gift for his father-in-law, television pioneer Mike Stokey, and Carmine’s star looked so real that he took it to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

They loved it, and he became the exclusive artist for the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

 He spends his time either working in a major motion picture studio, or creating his hand painted stars in his own studio.  

And seeing how he has been in “the biz” for his entire life, it seems only natural that his two daughters are actresses, and his son is a rock ’n roll drummer.

Quite the “showbiz” family.





Please peruse our website, where you can see pictures of Carmine with the celebrities getting their exclusive Walk of Fame Stars, and you can also see all the different hand-painted, engraved and personalized versions of the star we have to offer!

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